Friday, March 06, 2009



J’ai perdu mon pere

Il ne pas dan la bois,

Il ne pas sur la rue

Tout les monde ma dit que il habit dans ma meme,

Mais je ne trouve pas lui commeme.

Il et plus grand que moi,
Mais il ne jamais ma dit ca.

Je suis vraiment triste parce que je oubiais ta vois Papa.

Je eassai mais je ne entend pas.

Je attends

Je attends de la prochain fois.


alberto mielgo said...

I like it. what is it?

Artur Gorczynski said...

Such amazing work, I simpl Love your style.

Heath Kenny said...

Hey Alberto, thanks man this is a color script I did for a story I wrote last year when my Dad died. I'm not sure really what to do with it.

Thanks for your kind message Artur.

Matt J said...

Touching poem & even nicer imagery-especially frames 2 & 3. Fine tribute to your old man.

Piyush said...

I had so much fun looking at these! Very original.

Megan said...

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